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About us and our properties in Cape Town, South Africa. Here we would like to introduce ourselves and provide you with further information about our company. Our company has been operating in Cape Town, South Africa for almost two decades.

About Us Cape Town Properties

Our office is right on the doorstep of Cape Town and is therefore centrally located between the city and wine region. In the beginning our vision was to put together a young team who would be motivated and able to incorporate their own ideas into the company. 

Our employees come from various professional backgrounds and thus offer our company a vast array of experience, creating an interesting work environment with a team of relaxed and friendly professionals With that being said, our central focus is always the customer, and professional advice and complete customer satisfaction remain top priority of our consulting service.
Cooperation partner - Department of South Africa Immigration
Julia Willand - Assessor Iuris, Immigration Practitioner - founder and owner of IMCOSA; A consultancy firm specializing in residence permits and immigration queries regarding South Africa. Julia Willand grew up in Germany as well as South Africa.
As a bearer of both nationalities, she has enjoyed training from both countries and qualified as a lawyer in Berlin in 1999. In 2000, she joined a Cape Town-based consultancy, where she built the Immigration Department which she headed for five years before she founded IMCOSA.

Julia Willand is an Immigration Practitioner registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and has been a member of the National Immigration Advisory Board since April 2003, as well as co-director of the National Association of Immigration Practitioners ( "AIPSA"). For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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