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The legal framework for buying property in Cape Town is an important aspect in real estate, and we would be pleased to advise you about your investment in South Africa. We boast not only a team of qualified lawyers, but long-term and international experience, with which we are also able to advise our clients beyond the borders of South Africa.

Legal framework - purchase of property - cottages - guest houses - villas - wine farms

Legal Framework Property

His means our customers receive the necessary legal advice and support, any time, anywhere, in the following areas:
- Legal advice
- Tax advice
- Immigration law
- Immigration

We also offer the following services:
- Advising contractual parties in German and South African legal context
drafting of contracts
- Support and advice in contract negotiations
- Monitoring the implementation and execution of contracts
- Termination and enforcement of claims from contracts
- Immigration

Tax advice for property purchase in Cape Town - South Africa - German-speaking tax consultant

Our tax advisors provide consultation prior to your real estate purchase, allowing for implementation of cost-effective tax model, saving you time and money. The South African tax system is relatively simple and thus all clarification can be provided in a brief meeting.

South Africa Immigration - information about RESIDENCE AND IMMIGRATION LAW SOUTH AFRICA

For many years, South Africa has been a popular destination for holiday makers, students, entrepreneurs, investors and retirees. The diversity and beauty of the country and its people invigorate most and persuades many to prolong their stay or even settle down in the country.
Obtaining the relevant residence permit hereby, is a major hurdle for many. Due to the complexity of the matter and the pertinence of visa success for life planning purposes, it is highly recommended to have professional advice.

There are numerous sources of error both in the type of application chosen and the application procedure, as well as in the compiling of the application, which can cost a great deal of time, and often the success of the application.

Once an application has been rejected, it is time-consuming and nerve-racking, and in some cases impossible to obtain approval. There is also a lack of transparency and uniformity of interpretations and decisions among the authorities, which can lead to misunderstandings and frustration. With the help of expert consultants and their relationship to the vital institutions, immigration matters can be solved in a pleasant way in most cases.

Immigration to South Africa - Immigration Service - Cape Town Property in South Africa
In addition to fundamental information on residency and immigration law in South Africa, we also provide comprehensive transparency for the applicant. Our services include the following:
- Expert advice
- Individual consultation and support until receipt of approval
- Procurement of all required application forms
- Overview of required documentation
- Completion of application forms
- Coordination of necessary translation work
- Preparation of business plans for entrepreneurs
- Preparing the necessary correspondence
- Communication with relevant authorities
- Local representation of clients with authorities
- Efficient control of time frames
Our employees are registered with the immigration authorities as Immigration Agencies and have many years of experience in the various fields.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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