Welcome to our services page! Here  you can find out more about the purchase of property in Cape Town and South Africa. We would be happy to advise you about the various locations around Table Mountain.
We will provide you with information on:
- Location consulting
- Evaluation
- Financing
- Property management

Services - Real Estate Consulting in Cape Town - South Africa Investments

Services Property Cape Town

Location - Location - Location and the right investment
Our company boasts extensive  real estate knowledge on the market in Cape Town and the Western Cape region.This knowledge serves us in keeping you informed and up to date on the various property locations in and around Cape Town, helping you find the most suitable location for your property; whether it be residential, commercial, holiday or guest houses. Ritztrade carries out regular market analyses and is thereby always up-to-date. Vital knowledge surrounding individual residential areas includes, among other things, all location factors, social environment, infrastructure conditions, planned construction projects and climatic characteristics, etc.
Buy or sell real estate property - Cape Town in South Africa
Simply put, the ultimate intentions of both broker and seller are clear - both are striving to sell their properties. The buyer on the other hand is often left out of this equation. The real estate market in Cape Town also has an incredible dynamic and  it is therefore quite difficult for an outsider to evaluate the individual properties. The buyer is also often under pressure, as properties, especially those under R3 million, move quickly. We will therefore be able to advise you as a neutral partner and provide an outside, independent opinion on properties you have selected.
Real estate evaluation - Analysis - Expertise - Financing
Our company analyses all factors affecting the value of a property in our expert, unbiased report:
- Infrastructure and social environment
- Price-performance ratio
- Building structure
- Value increase potential
- Planned construction projects in the area
- Climatic conditions (e.g. wind conditions, noise pollution)

Financing of property in South Africa

Purchase deposit
Once you have signed your purchase agreement, a 10% deposit is normally due. Ensure that at least a one week period is written into the purchase agreement for you have time to transfer the money from Europe to South Africa. Be sure also to use a trust account from a South African notary to transfer your money.
Foreign investors
In general, every visitor to South Africa, provided that he or she is in possession of a valid visa (including visiting visa), has the right to buy  property in South Africa. Although there are special regulations for foreigners in this regard, they can easily be tackled.
If you wish to transfer money to South Africa, you can either arrange it via a notarial account in South Africa or open an account at a local bank.
We do recommend however that you execute all transfers via a notary account. Only a notary can confirm your transactions in South Africa if you wish to start an immigration later. These documents are important in that they can prove how much money you have already invested in South Africa.

Services Properties South Africa

Mortgage - loans - loans - bank guarantee
If you are financing a property in South Africa, your notary needs a financial confirmation from your bank in South Africa. It is therefore essential that, before you sign the purchase agreement, you have a pre-agreement from your bank in writing. Immigrants even receive funding of up to 50% of the real estate value. Obviously, you will need to provide your bank with credible and translated evidence of future funding to ensure that the mortgage can be repaid. A valid lease contract for example, showing that interest and amortization are covered by rental income could serve as proof.
Financing from Europe
Financing a property from Europe is only possible if you have the necessary collateral in your country of origin, otherwise no bank in Europe will finance your property.
Financing your property in South Africa
Should you opt for South African property financing, you should get a confirmation from your South African bank before looking for a property to avoid later surprises. One generally receives confirmation of the finance amount from South African banks without any problems. You should however be able to prove that you have the means to repay your property in the future.

When signing, make it clear in the purchase agreement that it  is only valid if your South African bank approves the bond! If the bank then refuses approval for any reason whatsoever, the purchase agreement will lose its validity.
The local notaries have to meet state requirements, as in Europe and their trustee accounts are 100% safe for your money transfers. The notary will commence with the deeds registration as soon as you have paid your deposit into the trust account. The notary will then require you to make the final payment just before the deeds is registered. The transfer usually takes about eight weeks.
Real Estate Administration - House Management - Vacation

Our company has been very successful in the management of real estate for years. We manage approx. 800 real estate projects which include not only the management and supervision of the properties but rentals as well. All work on the property is supervised by selected and trusted partners, including gardening services, pool services and maintenance repairs.
Marketing - bookings - processing
Our employees personally take over all rental management. We have access to an extensive database of potential clients along with highly frequented websites that market holiday houses. There is also the possibility of calculating the projected income and allowing the resulting costs or profits to be incorporated into the investment decision of our customers.

Here is a small look at our marketing activities in the rental of holiday homes in Cape Town and South Africa.
We have about 800 vacation rentals listed on our websites , which we mainly market for private homeowners.
Our prospective tenants come from all over the world, yet most of our clients are from German-speaking countries and the UK. We have noticed a considerable increase in bookings from the USA, Australia and New Zealand for some time. We are in constant contact with owners and tenants via e-mail, and the entire booking and payment process is carried out and monitored by our office. The entire transaction is thus secured both for our landlords as well as rental interests.
Your holiday property can gladly be included on our website at no cost and we would also be happy to assist in the creation of free websites for your holiday property - both in German and English. We also advise you on optimal pricing and keep in regular contact to optimize the current rental and marketing activities.
Fees are only due if a booking has been carried out through our office. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information
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