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Posted by admin on 20-02-2017, 19:22
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The life and work - Living and working in Cape Town and South Africa offers unique experiences and adventures. There is no ideal time for immigration to our beautiful country – but as they say, there is no better time than the present! It depends of course on when and how you want to leave Europe, and how thoroughly you and your family have prepared for a new life in the most beautiful part of Africa!

Live and Work - Immigration - Life coast - Health insurance

Live and work Cape Town 

We are glad to assist you with your questions in connection with your immigration, and will consider your special lifestyle and individual wishes. You can trust our partners to handle the complex application process, as well as all the communication with the Department of Home Affairs, the Consulates and other related institutions.

Living and working - Immigration
Intensive and well organized planning is extremely important and protects against false notions and expectations, which can quickly lead to disappointments and frustrations. Anyone who has been to South Africa or Cape Town, or who has perhaps just seen a report on television, often dreams of a life in Cape Town. Cape Town is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, offering a subtropical climate, fantastic landscapes, cultural diversity and a relaxed lifestyle.  Living in Cape Town offers a lot of variety:  here you can have the sea, white sandy beaches, mountains, animal parks, vineyards and museums directly in front of your door step! The pleasant Mediterranean climate also contributes to the fact that more and more people decide to live in Cape Town. The impressive landscapes invite you to take a trip to the Winelands or drives along the coast, especially on weekends!

In Cape Town you can experience a relaxed South African lifestyle. The hustle and bustle is less important here - Cape Town is much more relaxed and stress-free than many other major cities in the world. An enticing characteristic of the Mother City in South Africa is the combination of African, Asian and European influences, which contributes in particular to cultural diversity. This is why South Africa is often referred to as the "rainbow nation”.

Due to the numerous leisure opportunities and other advantages of the Cape region and the city, many Europeans are attracted to Cape Town for work, study, internship and volunteer work. 
What is expected of emigrants, students, trainees or volunteers who choose to live in the Mothercity? 
It is particularly important to learn about the life in Cape Town in advance and to get acquainted with the cultural, social and economic conditions of the country. We have some handy tips for you to take into consideration to help you with your preparation live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 
What does life cost in the Western Cape? 
The cost of living is determined by your individual lifestyle. Depending on the lifestyle you are accustomed to and what expectations you have, you can live in Cape Town rather cheaply or also very exclusively. In recent years, the cost of living has risen, as has been the case everywhere. You should plan suitable accommodation at an early stage, especially in the high season (November – February). In addition, you should remember that the public transport network in SA is not as well developed as in other countries. Consider the area in which you are looking for accommodation, how far it is away from the work, the internship place, or the volunteer project, and how best to get there. Self-drive car rental is a good option if you are only staying for a few months. 
Health insurance - Foreign insurance 
Anyone traveling to Cape Town or South Africa should obtain international travel insurance before the start of the trip. A normal statutory health insurance is generally not applicable outside Europe. You should inform yourself beforehand to find out the extent to which your health insurance is granted in South Africa and what it covers. Basic travel insurance is only valid for a few weeks depending on the provider. There are various private health insurance companies and providers where you can take out health insurance for longer periods of time.

Residence and work permit 
Before you travel to South Africa, you should be sure to check the requirements i.e. what kind of permission you need to work/study/intern or volunteer in this country. If you are only traveling as a tourist to South Africa and have a European passport, you can stay in South Africa for 90 days without a visa. This is only for tourists. If you are pursuing an activity, e.g. as a trainee, you definitely need an authorization - regardless of whether it is a paid or unpaid activity. 
We will be pleased to send you more information about the accommodation requirements in the Western Cape. 
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